Counter-Strike 2 Limited Test: How to get Access

Is CS2 better than CS:GO?

The Counter-Strike 2 limited test is now available to a lot of the Counter-Strike player base. Unfortunately, there are a few requirements you will need to fulfill before being sent an invitation to this next-gen version of Counter-Strike. In this guide, we will cover everything players need to consider to gain access to the CS2 limited test – from the small factors to the essential Steam account details.

Here’s everything you need to know…

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Getting a Competitive Rank in CS:GO

counter-strike 2 CS:GO comparison

To begin, players need to gain a competitive matchmaking rank in CS:GO. It doesn’t matter if this is Silver 1 or Global Elite, getting a rank will help to show that you actively play Counter-Strike.

Although the community has made assumptions about higher ranks getting access first, this is not the case. Valve wants a wide variety of players to try the game as this gives a more realistic player base to test the early access version of the game.

Play Time

Playtime is probably the biggest factor when it comes to the players who still don’t have access. With all the recent news, a lot of players are jumping on CS:GO to get a matchmaking rank and then hoping for the best. If you want a much better chance, you can simply play a few more games in the following days to show Valve a commitment to the game. It’s also good to know that this doesn’t necessarily take into account your total playtime, but your recent hours in live Counter-Strike servers.

Unfortunately, there is no black-and-white cut-off for how much you should play, however, it will only help your chances of gaining access to the limited test.

Counter-Strike 2 Limited Test Regions

Players must also play in a region where CS2 is available. As of now, this is most of the world including NA, EU, AS, OCE, and SA. Although this looks simple, players must play the majority of their games on ONE of these servers. Switching between NA and SA (for example) to complete your matches will not help you get access to the limited test.

Valve are constantly releasing updates on the release on the limited test and regional updates, so keep an eye on the Steam page or the Counter-Strike web page for more info.

Prime Status

This feature was introduced to Counter-Strike back in 2018 when the game went free-to-play. This meant anyone could play the game without needing to purchase a copy from Steam. However, this meant Valve had to cater to the community that had already purchased CS:GO. These players gained something called Prime Status.

Prime Status essentially gives the account a higher priority when it comes to matchmaking. Now, it will also prioritise the account for access to the Counter-Strike 2 limited test.

Counter-Strike Account Standing

Account Standing is essential for access to the limited test. If a player has a VAC ban on their account (ban for cheating) it is very unlikely they will get access to CS2 until the game is fully released. Recently, a lot of top-end and pro players have found cheaters in CS2, meaning Valve will likely crack down on this issue with a harsh improvement to the new anti-cheat software.

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