Esports Team Profile: Team Vitality

Team Vitality, founded in 2013, is currently one of the top teams across the board in Esports. With a huge win at the BLAST.tv Paris Major earlier this year, the CS:GO roster is establishing itself as the team to beat.

The organization has been dominating a few other titles over the years, particularly in Rocket League with Zen winning the MVP award at the last 3 Major events. But what does the future hold for the French competitors? Here’s everything you need to know about Team Vitality.

Team Profile

Top Players: ZywOo (CS:GO), apEX (CS:GO), Zen (Rocket League)

Location: Paris, France

Founded: August 2013

Primary Games: CS:GO, Rocket League, League of Legends, Rainbow 6: Siege



Over the years, Team Vitality has developed into an absolute powerhouse within the Esports industry. Although Vitality was born in 2013, it took 5 years for them to start competing in the competitive CS:GO space. Their first big win came in 2018  at the DreamHack Open Atlanta 2018 where they won 2-0 against a strong Luminosity roster.

Since then, Vitality has become a household name in the CS:GO space with multiple 1st place finishes at S-Tier tournaments and events. In 2023 alone, the team has won two major tournaments with the BLAST.tv Paris Major and the Gamers8 tournament in Riyadh where they beat out ENCE in a close 2-1 series.

Not only does Vitality dominate in the CS:GO space, but they have also been dominating the Rocket League Championship Series since 2019. In 9 RLCS events since 2019, Vitality has won 6 and placed 2nd in the other 3 narrowly losing out to Reciprocity, NRG, and Dignitas respectively.

This winning mentality is at the heart of Vitality’s organization and culture. They are willing to bring on new talent to upgrade and improve their rosters, whilst continuing to develop talent. Alexis “Zen” Bernier is a notable mention here as a new addition to the Rocket League roster in October of 2022.

Read more about Team Vitality’s development through their Liquipedia pages!

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Active Rosters

Rocket League

Alpha54 – Yanis Champenois

Radosin – Andrea Radovanovic

Zen – Alexis Bernier

Ferra (Coach) – Victor Francal


apEX – Dan Mdesclaire

ZywOo – Mathieu Herbaut

Magisk – Emil Reif

Spinx – Lotan Giladi

flameZ – Shahar Shushan

zonic (Coach) – Danny Sorensen

League of Legends

Photon – Kyeong Gyu-tae

Perkz – Luka Perkovic

Upset – Elias Lipp

Kaiser – Norman Kaiser

Bo (Inactive) – Zhou Yangbo


ceNder – Jokūbas Labutis

MOLSI – Michał Łącki

Destrian – Tomas Linikas

BONECOLD (Inactive) – Santeri Sassi

Twisten (Former) – Karel Ašenbrener

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The Future of Team Vitality

So… what can we expect from Team Vitality as we move later into 2023 and 2024? Later this year (October 2023) we have the IEM Sydney Major. This will be the first time the event has run in 4 years and it’s safe to say the hype is building. The OCE fanbase for CS:GO is known for its crazy moments and crowd reactions, making for an extremely entertaining event. We can’t wait to see Vitality competing once again alongside the top teams such as ENCE, G2, NAVI, Fnatic, and many more.

It’s likely we will see Team Vitality continue to dominate in other games with the RLCS World Championships just finishing earlier this month. If you’re new to Esports, Vitality is a great team to watch and support as they continue their era of dominance across the industry.

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