Counter-Strike 2: Premier Rank System Explained

counter-strike 2 premier ranks

Valve just released a new batch of Counter-Strike 2 invitations to the CS:GO player base. Essentially, if you have a rank (e.g. Gold Nona) and Prime status you should now have access to CS2 early access. As CS:GO is one of the biggest Esports titles, there are a lot of players trying to get their hands on the game.

With this, comes a range of new updates including a complete overhaul to the map Inferno and a brand new Premier rank system. This system completes shakes up the standard Counter-Strike formula, with a structure that resembles the Faceit model.

If this system is a little overwhelming or confusing, don’t worry, it is! Here’s everything you need to know.

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New Premier Rank System

counter-strike 2 premier ranks

Counter-Strike 2 features a brand new competitive rank system, also known as MMR (Matchmaking Rank). This uses a number-based system rather than the original CS:GO method of separated ranks.

Here is the current setup for the Premier Ranks:

  • 0-4,999 – Grey
  • 5,000-9,999 – Light Blue 
  • 10,000-14,999 – Blue
  • 15,000-19,999 – Purple
  • 20,000-24,999 – Pink
  • 25,000-29,999 – Red
  • 30,000-35,000 – Gold

Although this coloring system is new to the ranks of Counter-Strike, it takes inspiration from the quality seen in items of CS:GO.

If you still prefer the original ranking system, don’t worry, it is still implemented in CS2, but in a slightly different way. There will be a “competitive” mode separate from “premier” that will still allow players to choose which map they play. However, instead of having an overall rank, the player will have a rank for each map.

For example, players can exclusively play Mirage in the competitive mode and reach Global Elite but will still be Silver in other maps like Vertigo or Inferno. Remember… this does not affect the new Premier ranks as they are in their own game mode.

Comparison to CS:GO

counter-strike 2 CS:GO comparison

At a glance, it may seem like there are fewer ranks in CS2 when transferring over from CS:GO. The immediate assumption here is that it is far easier to rise through the ranks, however, this is not the case.

Valve has restructured the original ranks to cater to the top end of the player base allowing for more diversity in skill when climbing the ranks. Here’s a quick breakdown of the new premier ranks compared to the old CS:GO system:

  • Silver – Grey
  • Gold Nova – Light Blue 
  • Master Guardian – Blue
  • DMG/LE – Purple
  • LEM – Pink
  • Supreme Master First Class – Red
  • Global Elite – 30,000-35,000 – Gold

Although the above has not been confirmed, this is simply an assumption based on the information provided by Valve. This structure condenses all of the Silver and Gold Nova ranks into 2 colors, prioritizing the ranks at the top end and giving players further breathing room to grow.

It will be interesting to see top teams such as Team Vitality getting their placement in Premier and compare it to their CS:GO ranks.

Are Counter-Strike 2 Premier Ranks Better?

The big question on everyone’s mind is; “Are premier ranks better?”. Right now, it’s unclear. The community has mixed opinions on the current system which is absolutely understandable as it is a massive change on a system that hasn’t changed in over a decade.

In general, this should be good for the majority of the player base. However, the Premier system definitely needs some fine-tuning before it is perfected. Additional changes to gameplay also shake up the meta making it difficult to assess the current situation.

So… what do you think of this new system? Let us know on Twitter (X.com) at @BestOfBetsUK.

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