Guild Esports Sign New CS Roster

guild esports new cs roster

Guild Esports has seen exponential growth over the last few years. With support from amazing individuals such as David Beckham and JME, the organization continues to grow its audience in the UK and beyond.

The team recently announced a new CS Roster called the “Guild Eagles”. But who are they, and why are Guild now diving into Counter-Strike? Well, the team seems to be a perfect fit here, according to the CEO.

Here’s all you need to know!

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Bad News Eagles CS Roster

guild esports new cs roster

The Eagles’ roster was an unknown team back in 2022. They really came to light when they became the first-ever team to reach a Major qualifying from the Albanian region. Since then, they have competed all over the globe at numerous majors from Antwerp, Rio, and Paris – bringing in an impressive $96,000 in 2023 alone.

This roster went from competing in small net cafes in Kosovo to the Paris Major in just a few years, something we rarely see in Esports.

The Guild Esports Roster consists of:

Genc ‘gxx-’ Kolgeci
Flatron ‘juanflatroo’ Halimi
Sener ‘SENER1’ Mahuti
Dionis ‘sinnopsyy’ Budeci
Rigon ‘rigoN’ Gashi

These players are supported by awesome coaching and Management staff:

James Banks – Manager
Jonatan ‘Devilwalk’ Lundberg – Head Coach
Kevin ‘Krystal’ Amend – Assistant Coach
Kieran ‘KayJay’ Playfair – Analyst

Guild Esports – Why Sign a New Roster?

So… why has Guild decided to sign a new Counter-Strike Roster? Well, a large part of this comes from the recent announcement of the Esports World Cup.

This tournament will be held in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and will replace the Gamers8 tournament that was hosted there over the last few years. This means 2024 could be Esports’ biggest year yet and Guild Esports wants a shot at the trophy.

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Ground+Air Coaching Programme

Guild Esports has announced that this roster will utilize their coaching partner “Ground+Air”. This will help to support the team’s health and education development whilst continuing to practice for tournaments.

This is a crucial piece of support for teams and will help to develop the team’s all-around skills as individuals as well as give them the opportunity to reach the top of their sport.

Guild Esports CEO Comments on New Roster

The CEO of Guild, Jasmine Skee has said the release of Counter-Strike 2 prompted Guild to increase its presence under the title and the trajectory of the Bad News Eagles roster is truly inspirational and embodies the attitude that Guild aligns with.

It seems the Eagles’ roster really couldn’t have found a better home. It is crucial for the roster to partner with an organization that understands their motives and where they want to be.

With the support of Ground+Air, they can continue to develop other skills as well.

The Future of Counter-Strike

guild esports new counter-strike 2 roster

Although the release of the new Counter-Strike update has left some fans concerned, the future is bright for the behemoth title.

Valve, the developers of CS, have been pushing updates almost daily to fix the game and patch current issues before the release of the first operation. This will bring new skins, challenges, and maps to the game. Only then can we truly see how well the game will succeed, as much of the player base focuses on the skins’ economy rather than the gameplay.

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