The Game Awards: All Esports Categories and Nominees

The Game Awards are fast approaching. Publishers, teams, and organizations are pushing to gain the support of their fans to be the best in the category for 2024.

Whether it’s the Game of the Year or the Best Esports Coach, this event has it all! Here’s everything you need to know about the Esports side of the Game Awards and the Nominees you can vote for…

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The Game Awards: Best Esports Game 

the game awards esports game of the year

Counter-Strike 2
Dota 2
League of Legends
PUBG Mobile

Of this list, the only title to be released this year is Counter-Strike 2. For this reason alone, we are likely to see CS2 take the win in this category. League of Legends will likely be a close second due to its massive popularity and fan base.

Valorant has received a small resurgence in popularity after the release of Valve’s Counter-Strike update, however, it’s unlikely Riot’s FPS title will take the top spot. 

Best Esports Athlete







As much as I would love to see Zywoo take the win here, it’s likely Faker will become the Best Esports Athlete of 2023. Faker’s performance at the League of Legends Worlds was incredible, but Esports fans will be comparing this to Zywoo’s incredible stats at both the Blast.TV Paris Major and Gamers8 2023. 

Best Esports Team 

the game awards esports team of the year


Evil Geniuses


Gaimin Gladiators 

JD Gaming 

Team Vitality 

Although Zywoo may not take Athlete of the Year, Team Vitality will almost definitely dominate in this category. This French team won the first-ever Counter-Strike major hosted in France, a glorious moment for both the industry and the country. Vitality then went on to win the Gamers8 tournament in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. 

Best Esports Coach 


The Winner of the Coach category may come down to personal favorites. It’s likely both Potter and XTQZZZ will perform well here with a Major win in their respective titles.
The other choices here are interesting and may surprise us when we finally receive the results later this year. 

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The Game Awards: Best Esports Event

the game awards esports event of the year

2023 League of Legends World Championship
Blast.TV Paris Major

EVO 2023

Valorant Champions 2023

The International Dota 2 Championships 2023

All of the events here had their own iconic storylines and massive attendance, however, one event here stands out from the rest as one of the greatest in the history of the industry.
Although the LoL World Championship is one of the largest events on the planet, the Blast.TV Paris Major saw an iconic French team take the win at the first-ever Counter-Strike Major held in France.
On top of this, the Major had some amazing support and sponsors from companies in France, such as the Alpine F1 team. 

If you are a fan of F1, you may have seen the Blast.TV logo feature on the Alpine car at the Monaco Grand Prix. 


The Game Awards event will take place on December 7th, 2023 at the Peacock Theatre in Los Angeles. Fans will have up until then to submit their votes for the 30+ categories. 

Although you may not be interested in voting, showing your support for a particular team or title can help support them to develop a new title or continue competing in tournaments around the world. 

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