Abu Dhabi GP odds Implied Probability Championship odds

Abu Dhabi GP odds Implied Probability Championship odds 

Lewis Hamilton  10/13 56.52%  5/9

Max Verstappen 18/10 35.71%  8/5

Valtteri Botas 12/1 7.69%  N/a

Sergio Perez 35/1 2.78% N/a

Charles Leclerc 70/1 1.41% N/a

Lando Norris 70/1 1.41% N/a

Carlos Sainz 90/1 1.10% N/a

F1 Odds: Lewis Hamilton given 56.1% chance to win Abu Dhabi Grand Prix
F1 championship battle comes down to today’s final Grand Prix as Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen battle it out one final time this season. And as the latest F1 odds have spoken, Lewis Hamilton is the favourite to win this today, which means he’s also the favourite to win this season’s Formula 1 Drivers’ Championship.
The two drivers have been neck to neck since the very start of the season which is reflected in the points as they’re entering today’s race at 369.5 points each  However, Verstappen is technically ahead because he owns the tiebreaker with nine Grand Prix wins to Hamilton’s eight this season.
Because of the points the two drivers have accumulated throughout the season, and it being a tie, this means that whichever driver crosses the finish line before the other will be crowned champion. Something that the latest odds have taken into consideration – hence Hamilton is the favourite.

Another aspect of this race that has some people buzzing prior to Sunday’s finals is that if neither driver was to finish, Verstappen would win. So, in theory, Verstappen could purposefully crash out Hamilton and himself to claim the Drivers’ Championship.

However, F1 has already come out and said to remember that they may penalise drivers by taking points away from them, and wouldn’t hesitate to do so if a driver was to purposefully take another out.

Earlier in the week, the F1 odds had Hamilton at 5/9 to win the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. Now, just a few days later, those same odds have him at 10/13.

At 5/9, Hamilton’s implied probability was 64.3% whereas now, Hamilton’s implied probability is 56.5% with his latest 10/13 odds, which suggests that following yesterday’s qualifying bookmakers have clearly started to like Verstappen’s chances.

As for the Drivers’ Championship, Hamilton’s odds are souring too; although he remains the bookies favourite, he’s odds have gone from 1/2 to win the Championship earlier in the week to 5/9 as of this morning.

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