m0NESY continuous to dominate?

Tip for the match: G2 ML / 1.75 at Kambi, 2/5 units.


Why should you play it?

– In my opinion G2 looks better and better in this tournament despite some stupid lost.

– The level Virtus Pro is having at the moment is low. I’m not quite sure why, but they lack skills in every part of the game.

– The last 5 games Virtus Pro have had, has not impressed me. It feels like the team is in need of replacements.

– The biggest weakness for Virtus Pro at the moment is their possibilities in the veto. It’s a possibility that Vertigo can be played and that’s their worst enemy. I favorize G2 in the Veto.

– What do they do if their plan A doesn’t work for Virtus Pro? The time runs out and the weapons will follow to the next round. Without a doubt Virtus Pro will get in trouble

– G2 has a man that counts for 2…. And this man is m0NESY! He is, at the moment, the best player in the world in my opinion. He is impressive. No matter what get thrown at him or G2, smoke, fire etc, he delivers map after map. Virtus Pro can’t stop him.

– G2 has the advantages of winning the past 3/3 games against each other in 2024 – that’s clearly a mental advantage.

– If we look 7-8 weeks in the past, G2 has great results. There are some nice wins in the past.


Keep an eye on it?

– If Virtus Pro hit m0NESY on the mental aspect, they will have possibilities.

– G2 has several weaknesses. Nexa, Hooxi and Hunter. G2 does not play at a 100%.

– Virtus Pro has a playing style that can annoy EVERY A-level teams. They are not an easy team to play against when dice is rolling.

– IF we see a Virtus Pro team that are ready from the start, then they are the best individually. They have 4 men that deliver great numbers. It’s a dangerous team to meet if they are on fire.

– When the 2 teams meet it has been some close matches. Will they hit map 3? Anything can happen.

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