CS2 Tips | Last dance for Liquid?

Tip for the match: Liquid Moneyline / 2.15 at Kambi, 1.25/5 units 


Why should you play it? 

  • This is the last chance for Liquid to show that we need to take the Liquid core serious and it’s also time for Liquid to show some decent CS. 
  • With a 4 week break to practice some crazy CS, Liquid should be 100% prepared for this game. There is no excuse now! 
  • Heroic choked big time at the Major. It was a close defeat to Complexity, but a direct car crash against Virtus Pro and Pain. Horrendous CS! 
  • Liquid HAVE TO match the individual firepower Heroic brings to the server. NAF, Twistzz and Yekindar? What’s not to like. IF those tree players bring their A-game, we could get a firework. 
  • BO1 games has its own life. It often speaks in favor for the underdogs. I expect to see a game where liquid is keeping up the entire game. 
  • Liquid and especially Cadian must be disappointed over the fact that they missed this year’s major. They have had several weeks to put the disappointment behind them unlike Heroic that haven’t had much time after Copenhagen to get over the disappointment. I’m not saying the this means Heroic won’t be 100% focused on the Chinese tournament, but they may still be a bit mentally shocked after Copenhagen.  
  • Even though Cadian haven’t played with the current Heroic core, he still has an edge here because he knows the players with a Danish flag and for example their playing style.  


Keep an eye on it? 

  • Heroic have played more games recently than Liquid and their shape looks better.  
  • In my opinion if Heroic brings their A-game, Liquid can get in trouble.  
  • We still haven’t seen what liquid are capable off. So, what is their A-game? There are still a lot of questions regarding Liquid because they haven’t brought a constant streak as a team or individually.  
  • If Heroic gets an early lead I for sure think Liquid will be hit on the mental aspect, and it will be a struggle for them to come back. 

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