Esports League of Legends Championship

For the first time ever in League of Legends history, the Worlds final won’t take place on a standalone stream. It will be co-streamed by three streamers and one duo, and they’ll all be on-site in San Francisco.

There will be one stream for four major languages: Chinese, English, Korean, and Spanish.

Here’s a list of all the streamers who will be hosting them, and what language their stream will be in.

  • Sykkuno – English. The English co-stream will be hosted by none other than YouTube star Sykkuno. Not only is he immensely popular, which will bode well in terms of viewership, but he’s also passionate about the game.
  • Ibai Llanos – Spanish. The Spanish co-stream will be hosted by Ibai Llanos, the fourth most-followed streamer on Twitch. Ibai has a whopping 11.8 million followers, many of which will tune in to watch the Worlds 2022 final
  • Sangho Lee and Min Gyo Kim – Korean. Two of the biggest streamers in South Korea, Sangho Lee and Min Gyo Kim, are teaming up to host the South Korean co-stream. It’ll be twice the fun and have twice the viewers.
  • Rita – Chinese. Last but not least is Chinese streamer Rita, who—you guessed it, will host the Chinese co-stream. She’s clocked up millions of views playing League throughout the years, and co-streaming the Worlds final will add a few million more.

The League of Legends World Championship semi-finals have come to an end. Before this weekend we had a total of eight perfect Pick’Ems left, but one team stood in the way of fans getting their ultimate skins and that team is called DRX.

Each and every player who had a perfect Pick’Em chose the same outcome of the 2022 League of Legends World Championship. Too bad their picks are wrong now, eh?

On October 30, 2022 Gen.G, the LCK first seed faced off against DRX who reverse-swept EDG, the reigning League of Legends World Champions, in the quarter-finals to be there. Most fans and experts picked Gen.G to win.

Throughout the entire 2022 LCK season, DRX has not managed a single win against Gen.G. Gen.G also looked dominant throughout the year, especially summer, earning them the LCK Summer title as well.

So it makes complete sense that most fans had pegged Gen.G to win the match and give us a third T1 vs. Gen.G final in 2022. All eight players with perfect Pick’Em to this point chose Gen.G over DRX to make it to San Fransisco on November 5, 2022. Of course, almost 83% of players also chose Gen.G thanks to their incredible record throughout the year.

Those perfect Pick’Em were shattered though with DRX shaking off their nerve’s in the first match and kicking it into high gear, earning Deft his first start at a League of Legends World Championship final, as well as BeryL his third finals’ appearance in a row.

This means that no one will be getting all Ultimate Skins gifted from Riot. This League of Legends World Championship has been insane, with more champions than ever before played, as well as some surprising victories. This will also be the first time in League of Legends Worlds history that a team that competed in the play-in stage is playing in the Finals. Who do you have for your Pick’Em in the finals? Let us know – please comment below.

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