ESports | Vitality – Virtus Pro

Vitality -2.5 Map.2 / Odds 1.70 at Kambi/Unibet 
Play 2.25units/5 units on it


The last tournament before players break is being held in London.
Blast Premier Spring Final can be super interesting. This match is between Vitality and Virtus Pro. Which team got most energy left in the bank and who hits the level in such a small match where 2 defeats will send the team out of the tournament?
I’ll give my predictions down below.


Arguments for playing the tip:

– The tip is that Vitality must hit their own map pick by a minimum of 3 rounds. The chances are that it will happen. Vitality has the best map pool where especially Anubis, Dust2 and Vertigo gives Vitality a great advantage.

In general, I see Vitality as the best team on every map.

– the Virtus Pro team hasn’t played 100% together yet. It’s obvious that the individuals don’t perform on top level yet. It will take some time and here will the players break come to their rescue.

– Vitality are, in my opinion, the team that plays the best compared to Virtus Pro. They play well together; are tactically best and individually they have more firepower. Virtus Pro are going to struggle here.

– Vitality had a really stupid loss against G2 in the IEM Dallas finals. But they’ve beaten all the best teams and should join with a lot of confidence. Vitality has only lost 3 matches in the past 2 months. Virtus Pro has on the other hand lost 4 out of last 5 matches.

– Personally, I believe Virtus Pro are looking forward to players break. There aren’t a lot of things that has been working for them since Electronic join the team. The team has the potential of being a top3 team, but it’ll take time. Therefore, the break will do them well.


Arguments for not playing the tip:

– It’s the last tournament before the break. The motivation in the 2 teams is only something they’ll know themselves.

– How tired are Vitality? It has been a long half season.

– The potential is huge at Virtus Pro, so maybe if they’ll let go of the nerves and just play they maybe challenge Vitality on their own map pick.

– A great start for Virtus Pro can easily throw Apex off course. We’ve seen several matches where he looks like a man that easily gets affected. It doesn’t do any

– I’ve mentioned it before and does it again. Virtus Pro has 3 of the world’s best riflers on the team. That trio can and will hurt against any team.


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