ESports | Natus Vincere – Astralis, OUTRIGHT

The tip is: Highest rated team:
Astralis VS. Natus Vincere
Pick: Astralis, odds 1.72 at Bet365, 2/5 units on it.


It is the last tournament for these 2 teams before players break. It will be exciting to see what these two teams are capable off. It is two teams that show off different shapes. One team are fairly well playing and the other one not so much. 


Arguments for playing the tip:

– Astralis can get well in front with a victory against their h2h opponents Natus Vincere.
Astralis are favorites to win with all bookies. In my opinion Astralis are great favorites against Natus Vincere. A  victory can give a great leap in this game.

– Natus Vincere are in terrible shape at the moment. 4 defeats in the last 5 played maps. Horrible CS currently.

– It’s the play that lack level at Natus Vincere. The shape has only gone one way since the victory in the major and it is down. Natus Vincere are just bad.

– Individually and the teamplay are where it is really lacking with Natus Vincere. A different story can be told with Astralis who is looking better and better.

– If we’re looking at the stats, Natus Vincere hasn’t been a team to be scared off in the last tournaments.


Arguments for not playing the tip:

– Device and Co. aren’t 100% in sync as a unit yet. I think it shows from time to time.

– The Danish team are throwing maps and matches that they aren’t supposed to. It recently happened in Yalla Compass tournament.

– Natus Vincere has shown which level they have when the bullets hit the right way 6 weeks ago. Natus Vincere has a high a-level when they manage to be shown. Then even a team like Astralis will struggle.

– Astralis has several maps where their game isn’t the best. This match could without a doubt be a match where all 3 are chosen.

– The team from Denmark isn’t usually a team that smash their opponents. It must be an “easy” match in order to get high rating.

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