ESports | Faze – Saw

Tip for the game: Faze 2-0
Odds: 1.83 at Kambi/Unibet 
1.5/5 units on the tip.

It is the last tournament for these 2 teams before players break. It will be exciting to see what these two teams are capable off. 


Arguments for playing the tip:

– Faze are having a great map veto compared to Saw. Huge advantage going into this match.

– Saw isn’t the Saw we saw weeks ago. Individually they aren’t on level. Far off level at the moment. The results are going up and down.

– When Faze has the brilliant brain, Karrigan, on the server, they will be the best team tactically. At the same time, they’ve had lots of days to prepare for this match.

– Individually Faze has Frozen, Broky and Ropz. Three individuals that, in my opinion, are better than the whole Saw team. There has to be a difference in level any day.

– Faze has in the past 8-9 weeks delivered great CS – I’m pretty sure they’ll do anything to end the season well. Who knows if there will be changes on the team.

– LAN experience is something Faze has. It is something they need to use in a match like this. Faze has to get a great start with an “easy” win against the tournaments worst team.


Arguments for not playing the tip:

– Faze hasn’t played incredible CS in the last 5 matches. A fine match against Spirit, but otherwise nothing worth writing home about. Faze got smashed out of the server against G2. Exiting where they stand.

– One thing Saw bring to this match are battle training. They’ve had lots of matches that Faze hasn’t had.

– Saw are a well conjoined team that from time to time have played well CS. They generally have had a stabile team that doesn’t get smashed out from the server.

– Saw can play Vertigo and play it well. It is also a concern of mine about this match.



Faze must, in my opinion, win this match 2-0, but Saw can surprise with Vertigo which is a map Faze rarely plays. On the other hand, Faze have had time to prepare for the map.

It will be exciting to see how the Veto plays out.

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