ESports | Natus Vincere Vs. BIG

Today’s tip for the match: Natus Vincere -2.5 rounds handicap
2/5 units on Kambi to odds: 1.60


In the short term both teams have been struggling with the game. Natus Vincere made big mistakes in the two matches against Complexity and Faze. That does not worry me, because its normal after an amazing Major victory. BIG on the other hand is very inconsistent in results. They win one or two games and then loose some. That’s BIG’s recipe for their playing style. Inconsistent results.


If the individuals on the team hit their high level, then they have the names to be great against tier1 teams.

With that said BIG does not live up to their A-level individually.
Krimbo is in an amazing shape and JDC has shown decent stats in the past 3 months. So, with that in mind, we’re facing a exciting game if they have a great day.


Natus Vincere has a dangerous trio that is several levels higher than BIG on the day. If iM, W0nderful, jL and B1t are on their normal level, BIG does not stand a chance.


A few arguments for why you should play the game:


– The top level for Natus Vincere is just better and more stabil. A well playing Natus Vincere will smash BIG big time.

– it’s not on every time the coach is a important piece of the puzzle, but in my opinion it’s exactly what has happened with BIG. BIG have said goodbye to Gob, a huge personality. That is a huge disadvantage for BIG.

– Best of one map. The veto has Natus Vincere won in advance. They can pick and choose. No matter what Natus Vincere chooses they are favorite.


A few arguments for not playing the game:

– Despite my pick for Natus Vincere to win the veto it is a best of one map match. They are never easy to predict. It is often close matches.

– Natus Vincere does not show up in the greatest shape. Two defeats where the result is not the problem, but the way they played the game is. It looked like Natus Vincere


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