ESports | Fnatic has upper hand hand in this match-up

Today’s tip for the match: Fnatic ML odds 1.79 – 2/5 units on Kambi.


The two teams who plays incredible bad, or at least does not live up to their best level. Fnatics results are going up and down and they are losing to teams that they are not supposed to.
Losing to teams like Sashi, KOI, Apeks and 3DMAX are teams that Fnatic is supposed to win against if we should take them seriously as a tier1 team again. With that said, fnatic has all the tools to become a great tier1 team “again”.


If we’re looking at Ence that have been a scadale since Gla1ve joined the team.
They’ve lost, lost and then lost again. They’ve lost to teams that they should have won against easily. They have lost 2-0 most of the time and without any hesitation. The only half decent win they’ve had recently has been against Monte and it was a 2-0 victory.

The terrible shape that Ence are showing has haunted them in the past 8-10 weeks. It’s a scandal in my opinion.


Who’s in the best shape for today’s match? 

Fnatic should be 100% ready for this match. They’ve gotten a new team member, BlameF, and despite them performing decent on the individual aspect, they’ve lacked the last little piece of the puzzle. If Fnatic wants to get on the top again, it’s time! They’ve gotten all they need now.
At the Ence team, the rumors are that they’ve already gotten changes on the way. Dycha should be a done deal. The trust in Gla1ve is slowly decreasing. To be honest, I find it hard to take Ence seriously anymore.


A few arguments for why you should play the game:
  • Fnatic should be more than ready for this match. They should be aiming to be amongst the best in CS again. With BlameF on the team and a fresh start, I expect them to give it all from the beginning.
  • Ence is, as written above, dead. They play shitty CS. The good results are history and yeah, they look more and more like a tier3 team.


A few arguments for not playing the game:
  • Ence got nothing to lose. They can play without great expectations. The pressure is 100% on fnatic and they’re the ones that can disappoint. BlameF is new on Fnatic, so how will the match play out?
  • There’s a lot of unknown factors. The Veto is including Dust2. How long has Fnatic pracc on the server? – Do Ence play like it’s their last game? Lots of questions that aren’t being answered yet.

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