ESports | Spirit Vs. FlyQuest

Today’s tip for the match: Spirit -4.5 Rounds Handicap

1.25/5 units on Kambi – Odds: 1.60

If a team has a player like Donk in their roster, they are automatically favorite against almost every team. Donk is a top player that consistently delivers. He’s tough to handle just look at his stats for 2024.

FlyQuest are great against tier2/tier3 teams, really good. But against the top-level teams they are just missing last 20-30%. It’s different meeting equal Australian teams than facing Donk, Zywoo and other stars.

Donk and co is chasing a win after the defeat against Mouz. It going to hit FlyQuest. I’m having a hard time picturing FlyQuest having a chance to win at all. They are behind in points in every facet of the game. FlyQuest can hope for a spirit team that isn’t quite ready in the first Bo1. Otherwise, I’m not convinced FlyQuest can get the 9 rounds that is needed for the game is a lost.


Few arguments for why you should play the game:

– Spirit is by far the best team. There’s no doubt about that. Spirit wants to settle these Bo1 games quickly and a 13-8 score shouldn’t be a problem. Any other result would really surprice me.

– FlyQuest has shown nice results but at the same time how low their bottom level is. If they doesn’t hit 100% – then their individuals doesn’t stand a chance against Donk and co.

– Are Spirit better in every aspect? – the short answer is yes. With Rifler, IGL and Awp Spirit is the best team. Being smart wins rounds and that what Spirit does.


A few arguments for not playing the game:

– FlyQuest has nothing to lose. The pressure is on Spirit after they lost to Mouz 3-0 and not FlyQuest. Therefore, they can play as they want.

– FlyQuest has a lot of momentum. They got a lot of confidence from ESL Pro League where they got impressive results.

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