ESports | Outright: G2 Against Virtus Pro

Best Finishing Position:
G2 – Virtus Pro

Pick: Virtus Pro
Odds: 1.90 at Kambi – 2/5 units


Arguments for playing the tip:

–       I don’t believe Virtus Pro wins the upper-bracket. With that said, they’ll take the lower bracket quite easily. It will give them a spot in the playoffs, which I’ll predict they’ll get. They have a better roster than M80, Heroic, BIG and FlyQuest which are the teams Virtus Pro must meet if they’ll end up there.

–       G2 can make it a few games in Lower-Bracket, but I don’t expect them to reach the playoffs. G2 without their leader Hooxi. Now he is not top fragger but an IGL. It is never easy to be missing the viable piece of the puzzle. So, with a stand in it will be a surprise if G2 reaches the playoffs.

–       G2 has a hard road through Gr. A compared to Virtus Pro in their Gr. B – a good advantage.

–       On paper I’ve got Virtus Pro to have at greater roster than G2. If these two teams should get far and then they’ll meet in the playoffs will favorable Virtus Pro. G2 should get roster changes as they’ll move forward in 2024.

–       Virtus Pro made a significant change when Electronic joined the roster. In my opinion they’ve got 3 riflers in the top 15. Virtus Pro are under pressure and needs a great result now.


Arguments against playing the tip:

–       G2 can play quite freely. The team are without their IGL and a result in the playoff cant be anything else than approved. A free playing G2 can be dangerous with individuals like M0nesy and Niko.

–       Virtus Pro hasn’t impressed so far. The results and the game have actually been really bad.

–       G2  can meet teams like Falcons, Monte and 9z – they are not the craziest opponents. They are all teams that G2 are capable of handling on the day. There are several momento teams in Gr. B – they won’t be fun for Virtus Pro.

–       Even though Virtus Pro should win against Heroic, they’re most likely going to meet Faze. It means we’re most likely to see both teams in Lower-Bracket. It’s the smallest things that are going to determine who’s going to win. Fighting for your lives is often determined by the smallest things.

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