ESports | Outright: Falcons Against Complexity

Best Finishing Position:
Team Falcons – Complexity Gaming

Pick: Complexity Gaming
Odds: 1,85 at Kambi – 2/5 units.

 Arguments for playing the tip:

–   Complexity has the easiest road in this Bracket AA group. Complexity has good chances against Liquid. If Complexity should loose, they’ll most likely meet 9z moving forward in this competition. If they’ll win against Liquid, they’ll probably meet Mouz which they’ll lose. It will give them a match against Liquid/9z in the lower semi-finals. So, all in all a good path for the NA team.

–      I’ve got Falcons to lose against G2 and if they despite the belief I’ve got, win against them I’m pretty sure they’ll meet Vitality. No matter the outcome it won’t be easy for Falcons. In my opinion Falcons are favorite against G2 or Vitality/Monte. It might be 2 matches and then out.

–       Complexity brings a well momentum from the ESL Pro League. Great victories against Heroic, Natus Vincere and Virtus Pro. Complexity are having a great progress.

–       Pound for pound Complexity are strongest. If you’re looking with tactical eyes, individually and firepower their confidence is better than Falcons.

–       This Falcons roster was dead before it even got put together. A team totally off balance and not in “zen”. Their teamplay doesn’t look well. It lacks a better communication.

–       Complexity are on home court. Whats not to like. That will and has to give them a will to do the best. The complexity roster has been “home” for a while. They don’t have to travel far compared to Falcons.

Arguments against playing the tip:

–       There’s a lot of talking backstage that the roster at complexity is changing. Whether it’s a continuation of Hallzerk or not it will be exciting to watch how much it will affect the game. Gossip outside the game will affect everybody and that’s a fact.

–       A Bo1 match can easily go either way. In a Bo3 match you’re able to shake most nerves off you.  Here you’ll need to be ready from the get-go or you’ll end up in lower bracket quickly.

–       Falcons will meet G2 who hasn’t brought their IGL. If they end up losing, they’ll probably meet Monte who doesn’t show great level CS aswell. On paper falcons has some nice games that will bring them far in GR. A. Even though I personally find it difficult.

–       On paper Complexity hasn’t an easy road ahead. They can meet 9z and after that it’s Mouz, Liquid, and even Falcons if everthing goes as planned.

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