ESports | Natus Vincere – Astralis

Astralis ML – Odds 1.63 at Kambi/Unibet. 2/5 units on it.


On paper this looks like an interesting match, but when I look at certain parameters, I have my doubts about how well Natus Vincere will be against the well playing Danish team Astralis.


Arguments for playing the tip:


– Natus Vincere has 4 lost out of the last 5 matches. In general, the result hasn’t been great since ESL. It’s not very uplifting.

– The biggest problem for Natus Vincere is that the players that needs to carry isn’t carrying. Their shape has hit rock bottom. Players like W0nderful and JL that just need to show great shape is simply out of shape. Their stats say it all. Catastrophic low level at the moment – they look like a team that’s looking forward to players break.

– Astralis are finally winning more games than they lose. Its progress at that point. In general, the past 9 weeks has been more than approved. The A game is high when hit.

– the individual shape is better at Astralis. It can be said quite simple – Astralis looks like a team with confidence compared to Natus Vincere. I believe the confidence is in play here.


Arguments for not playing the tip:


– Natus Vincere has had a lot of time away from the server. They need to play better with all that time away to practice.

– Astralis has a disappointing loss against TheMongolz I the latest tournament. The players were visually disappointed. Now they need to travel from Abu to London. It’s exciting to see how mentally tired Astralis are.

– Astralis has one weakness, their map pool. Astralis has several “weak” maps that Natus Vincere can that advantage off.

– If I have to mention mention a spot where Natus Vincere can challenge Astralis, it is on their teamplay. Astralis are making a lot of individual mistakes. If that doesn’t stop, Natus Vincere has the team to give Astralis a challenge or even win the match.


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