ESports | KOI – 9z

Tip for the day: 
9z ML
Odds: 1.74 at Kambi – 2/5 units.


Arguments for playing the tip:

– 9z has so far played CS well – a stupid defeat against NIP where they were dominating and 2 great 2-0 wins against Pain and Bestia. 9z looks better and better as the tournament progresses.

– 9z are on “home court”. The IGL team are from Argentina. It will always give an extra advantage to host the tournament and on LAN.

– 9z has a heavy fanbase in the tournament. It’s clearly heard when 9z are playing. KOI are not on home court.

– 9z are better individually. A team when great stars who delivers amazing CS and have done it for a while. Especially dgt and MartinezSa are on fire. They deliver great performances game after game. 9z are the best on the firepower aspect. KOI will have a long day on the server.

– 9z are in the best shape of their lives. In the past 3 weeks they’ve had the best lineup. Victory against Pain, Liquid, Mouz and Vitality says it all. 9z are a LAN team that should never underestimate.

– KOI hasn’t played much in the past 6-8 weeks. That fact is an advantage for 9z – KOI on LAN is something we haven’t seen much either- the stage is giving 9z a boost.


Arguments for not playing the tip:

– The team KOI has a rock-solid tactical plan. There is not much deviation when they play. As we saw yesterday, 9z can play a bit wild and unstructured. That is something a fear KOI has control over.

– KOI has played against fan-base and noise. They look ice-cold and has delivered great 13-11 victories so far in this tournament.

– If we’re looking at the Veto, it looks like all 3 maps could end up getting played. Inferno could be KOI’s pick, a pick that 9z aren’t having consistent results on. It could be a boy or a girl. KOI are OK in today’s Veto.

– Koi has to win on teamplay and with been there for each other. The players at KOI are playing solidly. If 9z aren’t playing 100% today, they can easily get in trouble.

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