Ence – GamerLegion, should be a very interesting game

Tip for the match: GamerLegion ML / 2.32 at Kambi, 2/5 units.


Why should you play it?

  • This is two teams with a lot of question marks. BUT GamerLegion with a new lineup. The future looks bright!. GamerLegion have made some nice add-ons with the players Sl3nd and aNdu.
  • The rumors said this Ence lineup is a done deal. This could be the last tournament, for this core. Ence had only won 3 out of the last 10 matches. Overall, they look terrible.
  • With the changes GamerLegion has made, the firepower has increased. If Volt, aNdu, Isak and Sl3nd can find the chemistry, it could be a sick core. GamerLegion should be hungry as never before. For me, it’s a clear edge.
  • Who will win the veto? For me it’s quite easy to see. Vertigo & Nuke is for me the only two maps, where Ence have the edge. Therefor GamerLegion should go into this veto positive.
  • Many players from Ence looks tired or maybe they realized that the time on this roster is a done deal. Players like Hades, Goofy and Dycha is not performing on the top level at the moment. Especially a player like Dycha who’s a shadow of himself. It’s kind of sad, to see players like these performing so bad.
  • Should Ence hit their normal level – This could be a close game. I see both teams take their own map pick. So, there are big value in the GamerLegion pick.


Keep an eye on it?

  • The core of GamerLegion hasn’t played many games together. This will be the first real test for GamerLegion. Are they ready to play on LAN? Only time will tell.
  • Ence has an edge that GamerLegion doesn’t have, that’s the LAN experience. It could be a significant factor in a game like this.
  • Even though I see GamerLegion with the better map pool (Because Ence performs poorly on most of the maps) Ence do have a lot of games on 6/7 maps in the pool.
  • Ence have a BIG edge on the tactical part. Gla1ve is a goat if we’re looking on the tactical aspect of the game. He will be ready on GamerLegion, and the plan is ready.

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