ESports | Complexity against Mouz – Both teams can put on A-game show

Tip for the match: Mouz -2.5 Map.2 / 1.72 at Kambi, 2.25/5 units.


Info about the veto:

This is going to be a fight between two teams who is in amazing shape. Both teams have performed a-level CS. On paper this looks like a close game, but in my opinion Mouz has an advantage in this game. 


If we look at Mouz and their gaming condition at the moment.
Mouz has won 14 out of the past 16 games. They’ve lost to G2 and Faze, both teams a 2-0 lost. Besides that, they have beaten teams like G2, Liquid, G2 again, Liquid again and even Spirit. There’s no doubt about the shape Mouz is in at the moment.
Mouz has a great map pool. The 2 weaknesses that Mouz has is Nuke and Inferno. The stats such as win percentage and their overall gaming performance in those 2 maps, are not optimal for Mouz. The good part is that Complexity also avoid Nuke and Inferno, they are not favorite for Complexity either. It gives them 5 maps in the pool. Mirage and Anubis are guaranteed banned which leaves Ancient, Vertigo and Overpass. Three maps which in my opinion is a Mouz favorite.

The tip I’ve chosen is that Mouz need to win by a least 3 rounds on map.2 and I would be more than surprised if Mouz doesn’t choose Ancient or Overpass. Last mentioned is by far the best choice.


Now we’ve gone over the veto in this game. Mouz is the big winner of that. But how are the two teams individually?

I must admit, Mouz is but far the strongest team. At Complexity, “Elige” can win on his own. If he plays his A-game, Complexity can win almost against everyone. The problem is when he doesn’t, then Complexity is performing badly. With that said, if Complexity should stand a chance, “Elige” must hit his A-game 110%
Mouz on the other hand has several great and stabile individuals with a good gaming performance in the past. Jimpphat, Xertion and Torszi are in amazing shape and are just delivering game after game.

Before the game starts, Mouz have already won on the individual aspect.


Two quickies for playing the tip:

– Mouz is greatly favorized on Ancient and Overpass. Is will surprise me big time if Mouz doesn’t choose Overpass. Is a map that Mouz has some great result on and at the same time it’s a map that gives trouble for Complexity.

– it’s less than 3 weeks ago they last played against each other and at that game Mouz showed Complexity how at game should be played out. Mouz was superior in all the facet of the game. Complexity doesn’t stand a chance if Mouz hit their normal gaming level.


Two quickies for not playing the tip:

– Complexity is in a nice shape and are delivering some decent CS on the server. The team is in progress, and they are playing better.

– if they end up on Overpass, then Complexity will start on the CT side. The T side can be difficult for Mouz. Overpass has the hardest T side and if a player like “Elige” bring his A-game, then we’ll can see a Mouz team having trouble.

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