ESports | Furia – BIG

Pick: BIG ML
Odds: 1.68 at kambi – 2/5 units.


Arguments for playing the tip:

–  Furia doesn’t look great, not at all. They’ve had problems with tier3 teams. Furia recently lost against GUN5 and 1Win – on paper they’ve got great lineups and its teams that Furia needs to hit 10/10. They also had trouble against Ruby.

–  Furia is in bad shape. It could be said that simple and easy. The chemistries on the team is far from where it should be.

– The worst player in the match is KYE – it is a mystery to me how he went from a stand in to a regular player. He’s not good enough to tier1-CS. There’s a lot of facets to the game that he simply isn’t at the standard the rest of the team are showing.

–  BIG has in the last 3-4 weeks shown that if they hit their a level they got a chance against the better teams. If they hit their A-level, thay are the best team.

– BIG has the best mappool in the world when it comes to Bo1 games. The Bo1 matches are important to BIG because their mappool for Bo3 matches aren’t the best at the moment.

Arguments against playing the tip:

– It can easily be a messy match. It is not two well playing teams. I’m conviced it could be a strange game to watch.

– Its a roster where there are many rumors. Are BIG changing their IGL Tabsen? When does it happen and so on. There are so many rumours so who wants to win this tournament the most? That’s the question.

– Furia has without a doubt individuals that are capable of beating every team in this tournament. Kscerato and Yuurih in the best shape won’t be fun for BIG. Furia got a wild firepower when they hit their head in thr nail.

– Even though Furia has lost some strange games, they have had a lot of training at the same time. They’ve also gotten a few wins with KYE on the team. Victories feed confidence.


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