There’s no shortage of eSports betting websites to choose from in the UK, here are our picks for the top five:


One of the best betting websites available for any sport, with eSports as no exception.

A betting website designed from the ground-up to cater to eSports and eSports alone. Great layout and design simplicity belie just how much this website can accomplish.

We don’t know who Tony is, but we do know he cares about eSports. Mainly focussing on CS: GO, and LoL, Tonybet is great for these specific game fanatics.

Relying on Call of Duty, CS: GO, Dota 2, and LoL might make this parlour quite focused, but it does exactly what it wants to, and it does it well.

Another website relying on the big names; Unibet has an established reputation as a sports bookie, and they carry that expertise into eSports perfectly. Unibet even embeds Twitch streams, so you can more easily watch along as you bet!

Betting on Online eSports, or “electronic sports” has grown exponentially during the last few years. You can now place bets at the biggest UK sportsbooks on pro tournaments featuring the best players in the world.

Place wagers on the latest Counter-Strike: Global Offensive contests, or go Outright for a wager on the next StarCraft league champions.

We have a selection of the top eSports betting sites in the UK.

Watch the streams live on Twitch and place your bets before the action starts.

What is eSports?

The rise of eSports has been incredible since the 1990s. Video game pros can earn millions and have become superstars in their own right. Stadia sell out as the public go to watch their favourite teams battling it out in games like League of Legends and Call of Duty.  And if you can’t make it to your local arena, the biggest eSports tournaments are streamed live on online channels like Twitch.

Betting sites in the UK have been taking advantage of the eSports boom. You can now place wagers on the outcome of hundreds of big-name tournaments. Bet on the match winner, point totals, or even correct scores. And while UK eSports bookies continue to compile markets for customers, they are often open to suggestions from punters. You can usually request a market if you don’t see it in the bookmaker’s lobby.

How to Bet on eSports

There are two types of eSports markets at the best sportsbooks online: Matches and Outrights. Live betting is a big market at many eSports sites too. You can place bets on the winner of the next point or outright winner as the game progresses.

Matches are head-to-head contests between two pro teams. You will have a choice of two outcomes to bet on, and the sportsbook will provide odds on each. In MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle) games like League of Legends and Dota 2, you can place bets on markets like First Blood (the player who gets the first kill) and Map Winner (winner of the current level).

Alternatively, you can bet on Outrights like the tournament or league winner. For example, some major online sportsbooks run markets on the winner of the CS:GO BLAST Premier League.

You can combine multiple eSports outcomes in accumulators. Choose up to a dozen different results and combine them in trebles, four-folds or bigger six-fold accas. You can also gamble on eSports through your mobile device. Simply log in to your bookmaker account via your smartphone or tablet and find the market you want. You can
also log in to and watch the latest championship match-ups on the move.

Earn an eSports Bonus at the Top Sportsbooks

We have the best selection of eSports betting sites online. Sign up to one of our recommended sportsbooks and start gambling on the next CS:GO tournament or StarCraft II World Championship.

You can also earn eSports boosts which are combined bets (parlays) on several outcomes determined by the sportsbook. Some bookmakers offer eSports missions where you can unlock free bets by winning eSports doubles or trebles.

Which Mobile Apps are Best for UK Esports Betting?

In the modern age, some of the best apps are those which run straight from a webpage. With that in mind, here are our top three apps, website or not, to use for eSports betting on

Not just great for PC and laptop, Luckbox offers a fantastically streamlined mobile experience.

Betway eSports
Like Bet365, Betway is one of the biggest names in the business, but don’t let their size frighten you off. A professional design philosophy means players have a lot to choose from here, and with active timetables to guide them.

22Bet esports UK
Requiring a specialised app, this service is one of the easiest to settle into once users get going. Including breakdowns of map and game stats, this service can be great for getting more details before you put any money down.

What Sort of Promotions Come with Esports Betting?

When playing eSports games, it’s common for websites to open themselves to new players with special offers and promotions. While these can vary heavily per website and season, there are some repeating patterns than users can take advantage of.

The most common of these are free bets, which let players put money down risk-free on who they think will win. Other common offers at esports betting sites (UK) include betting bonuses, where parlours can match player deposits with bonus cash, and even free spins on outside games, should players be interested.

What are the Biggest UK eSports Betting Events?

Like with most competitions, the biggest names in UK betting tend to be the biggest events overall. In UK eSports, this means the major tournaments like Dota2’s the International and the Fortnite World Cup usually receive the most general audience interest. That said, the less random nature of games like Dota, LoL, and Call of Duty tends to make their tournaments the biggest for overall betting money down.

More popular betting events include the Overwatch League, Six Invitational for Rainbow Six Siege, and the Honor of Kings World Championship Cup for Arena of Valor.

How are the eSports Betting Markets Different?

While many elements set eSports apart from traditional competition, perhaps the most influential is the game’s ability to change. Patches and updates mean that the betting markets are always in flux, where a savvy punter with knowledge of a changing meta can leverage that advantage in a way other sports don’t allow.

One slight buff for a strong character controlled by a strong player can shift the entire odds, so the market is always exciting. Other times, as with older games, more settled titles can instead rely on the matchup knowledge of the players directly, where it’s just as much about personality versus personality as skill versus skill.

The markets follow these concepts closely, offering the most popular contemporary and returning games as each service sees fit. There’s always something for someone, it’s just a matter of knowing where to look.


What are the UK’s Most Popular Betting eSports Games?

Just as with any physical sport, each country has its own tastes for the types of games that reach the mainstream. In Japan, this is often fighting games, but here in the UK, we tend to lean towards FPS games and MOBAs. Most popular, both in terms of active pro teams and financial earnings, is the classic shooter Counter-Strike. In its most recent Global

Offensive release, the UK is home to at least 50 teams, claiming over £3.5 million in prizes so far. Following close behind Counter-Strike are the MOBAs League of Legends and Dota 2, boasting over a dozen teams for each title. With the most active players and the widest international audiences, it makes sense that these games would be the most common to earn a punter’s interest.

Popular eSports Betting Markets

Video games are played at home around the world. But the biggest players can turn pro and star in their own sponsored teams, competing around the world for million-dollar prizes. Some games developers even sponsor college teams to compete across North America, but Asian teams have dominated many eSports games.

Here are some of the biggest eSports games you can currently bet on at UK bookmakers

Call of Duty (COD): COD is a first-person shooter game by Activision. The best players compete in the Call of Duty World League. Over $6m was awarded in prize money in 2019 alone.

Dota2: Dota2 (Defence of the Ancients) is a multi-team shooter developed by Valve. The International is Valve’s annual Dota2 tournament which attracts 18 of the world’s best teams. Dota 2 boasts one of the world’s most famous teams in Team Liquid.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO): Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a multiplayer first-person shooter, also from Valve. Two teams – Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists – compete against one another to either plant a bomb or defuse it. The CS:GO event at MLG Columbus in 2016 attracted a $1m prizepool.

StarCraft II (SC2): StarCraft is a science fiction-based video game from Blizzard Entertainment. The game features a main campaign containing up to 19 missions. The StarCraft World Championship Series (WCS) ended in 2019, but regular eSports contests still take place around the world.

Overwatch League (OWL): The Overwatch League is made up of 20 teams worldwide who compete in regular tournaments. Overwatch is a team-based first-person shooter where each player can select from over 30 different unique heroes.

League of Legends (LOL): League of Legends is a fantasy multiplayer battle game from Riot Games. LOL has grown so popular it has its own World Championship and boasts over 100 million unique players worldwide.

Rocket League: Psyonix’s Rocket League is a football video game played with cars that enjoys huge popularity across the world. Psyonix organises the bi-annual Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS) where 12 of the best teams compete for prize money worth over $500m.

Most Popular Teams

The UK is no stranger to standout eSports teams, where the best we have to offer can easily stand on the world’s most prestigious stages. Undoubtedly the most famed of our local teams is Fnatic, who have long dabbled in a variety of popular titles. Chief among these include the big names above; CS: GO, LoL, and Dota 2.

Outside of Fnatic, some of the UK’s most reliable names include Misfits Gaming, the London Overwatch team Spitfire, and Dignitas, a team that made its name years ago in early Battlefield releases.

Opening an eSports Betting Account

Registering an eSports betting account in the UK is simple, and can usually be accomplished within just a matter of minutes. To do this, a user simply needs to visit the website of their choice and follow basic registration forms to guide them along. Just note that, since money is involved, these websites will tend to require identity confirmation
before paying out.

Players should also be sure that they have relevant deposit and withdrawal options available before they sign up. Most UK eSports betting websites accept debit cards, but if you prefer digital wallets or even cryptocurrency, it’s best to check a service accepts the option before-hand.